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An In Depth Guide On The Newest Website Technology Trends You Need To Know About For 2019

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Nearly 380 websites are created every minute. How do you make yours stand out?

New developments in website technology are creating intense competition on the internet. To be successful, you can't ignore the benefits of website technology and the solutions they offer your business. You must pay attention to web trends and incorporate them into your web development to stay ahead of the game.

Keep reading to discover the benefits of website technology and which you should be using (if you're not already).

Newest Website Technology Trends

With so many emerging website technologies, it's a challenge to keep up with what's new, what's outdated, and where to spend your money. But you must keep up to stay ahead of the competition.

Let's break down some of the newest website technology trends of 2019.

Push Notifications

Push notifications began as a way to prompt a user to take action. Now, they're used to give web developers an edge over their competition.

If you're visiting a website, and you see a pop-up asking to enable notifications, you have received a push notification.

Web developers are using them to prompt visitors to view newly published content, explore special offers, and send personalized promotions.

Push notifications are more effective for mobile users, as the notifications will show in the notification centers of their mobile devices. They should be used sparingly – it is easy to annoy users with too many notifications in a short period of time.

Responsive Websites

The average human attention span continues to decrease. Just 20 years ago, we had an average attention span of 12 seconds. Now, that number is down to eight.

Guess what? A goldfish has a nine-second attention span.

For this reason, responsive websites and accelerated mobile pages are now at the top of Google search results. If your site doesn't load fast enough, users will move on quickly.


In 2019, artificial intelligence should be a key part of a business's digital transformation strategy. As more companies are vying for the spotlight, the role of AI will become central to their web development.

In response to this trend, more businesses are giving their website support functions chatbot capabilities.

And users don't seem to mind. 40% of customers report that they don't care whether they are interacting with a real human or a chatbot. They just want answers to their questions, and quickly. 

Businesses are seeing the time and money invested in chatbots payoff. Users continue to report higher satisfaction rates, while companies are getting higher conversion rates.

Chatting is already a popular, if not the most preferred, function on mobile devices. It makes sense that customers go this route when seeking information.

80% of companies expect to use chatbots in some way by the end of next year.

By implementing chatbot technology, you can save money on hiring customer service representatives and offer 24/7 assistance.

Voice Search Optimization

Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are now considered part of the family. Today, most people are comfortable, and prefer, using their voice to search for information.

This influences all major search engines and is beginning to affect websites as well. People are continually looking for convenient ways to search for the information they need. The less effort they have to exert, the better. 

Low-Code Development

Programmers are seeking ways to quickly create applications and websites. With a drag-and-drop interface, low-code development reduces the amount of hand-coding required to build applications. The simple user interface also enhances the user experience on the front-end.

Low-code development allows you to release software before your competitors by reducing the time from conception to proof-of-concept. 

One-Page Websites

We've already talked about responsive web design, so it makes sense that simple, one-page websites are more popular in 2019. Because they are typically easier to navigate, static and straightforward websites are becoming more popular.

Without intricate navigation and menus, these websites run well on both desktop and mobile devices.

Not only do they load quickly and look great, but one-page websites are cost-effective options for business owners.

Motion UI

One-page doesn't mean boring. Make sure your design is still interesting for users. More developers are using captivating graphics on webpages to garner users' attention.

More images and animation create vibrant designs that are catching the eyes of desktop and mobile users alike. Our short attention spans are dying for motion and color.


With data breaches on the rise, cybersecurity is more important than ever. Your users need to trust you with their data, so it is important to protect your site from attacks.

As technology improves, cybercriminals will start to hone their skills. This means that data breaches will become harder to beat and you'll need to invest in website security.

If you own a successful business with a significant web presence, cybersecurity should be on your mind. Only those who implement technology to protect their data will survive in 2019.

Blockchain Technology

With the increasing popularity of cybersecurity concerns and cryptocurrencies, the wave of blockchain technology has arrived.

And it's disrupting the financial industry. Blockchain technology offers a safe and secure way for businesses to handle online transactions. The technology communicates with banks and financial institutions with the use of algorithms. Not only is this instantaneous, but this keeps users' data safe.

Because of the increasing demand, major companies like IBM are starting to create their own blockchain technology platforms.

How to Start

This is only a short list of the newest website technology trends that are available in 2019. New resources for web developers are available every day.

You don't have to adopt every trend out there. Before implementing new technologies, you should weigh the pros and cons of how they might affect your business. Experimenting with new technology before committing is always a good idea.

To smoothly integrate these new website technologies, you need a hosting partner you can trust.

We engineer solutions to drive your site's success and advance your business's mission – all while providing world-class customer support. Contact the Managed team or a quote today!



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