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Common Web Mistakes Small Businesses Make - Part 4

Depositphotos_140752068_l-2015.jpgToday’s world calls for a strong online presence for your business. Your website should be attractive to your targeted prospective customers.  It should provide them with useful information as quickly and easily as possible, no matter what type of device they are using to access it. As you're finishing up the development of your small business website, here are the final common mistakes to avoid:

1. Too much going on

A website that tries to cram in too much will drive away traffic. You don’t want your visitors to have sensory overload. Not only do sites with a lot of images and text take a longer time to load, they can also be confusing. If visitors can’t understand what your site is about within a few seconds of arriving, they will find one where they can easily locate the information they are seeking.

2. Too little going on

On the flip side, if you have too little on your website you will also drive away potential customers. It really is a delicate balance. A minimalistic design is a trend in website design right now, but it must be done correctly. You should clearly state your business services and the benefits of becoming a customer. It’s ok to use simple imagery, but it needs to have a direction, and shouldn’t leave your visitors confused and guessing what your business is about.

3. Using only stock photos

Stock images are used repeatedly by numerous businesses. They have a fake feeling to them, and visitors may have seen them before. It can also be frustrating to find an image of exactly what you want to portray. Instead, using unique or custom images taken at your location, or of your actual products sets you apart and makes you look more like an expert in your field. Just make sure all images are relevant and high quality.

4.Ignoring the potential of blogs

The value of the knowledge you provide in your blogs speaks volumes for your credibility and usefulness. Blogs also have a major impact on boosting your search engine ranking, therefore making you more visible online.

Do you have questions about developing your company’s website? Contact us today to see how we can help you. If you have already developed your website and are looking for fully managed hosting backed by 24-hour expert support professionals, contact us to see which of our plans is right for you.



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