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Yes, if you sponsor DNN Summit, we will really give you a free development server



How DNNCon's call to action prompted us to give out free dev servers — here's how the program works

If you do anything with DNN, this year’s DNN Summit event is going to be the place to reconnect with the community in North America.

This isn’t just “another DNN event.” The organizers and sponsors are looking at it as a new opportunity to revitalize the DNN community, to drive the next chapter of DNN growth, to discover and learn together.

We’re taking a queue from our favorite cue-balled DNN community member, Clint Patterson, a longtime DNN evangelist, former DNN Corp rep, Bojangles’ aficionado, and now platform manager at Arrow Consulting and Design.

Early in his opening keynote for DNNCon 2016, Patterson told the gathered crowd, “We want to make DNN great again.” While he was making a bit of a pun, the goal is very real for Patterson and the DNN Community.

“My goal is to inspire action among everyone in the room,” Patterson went on to say. He challenged everyone involved in DNN to help push it to the next level. “The community is on a journey,” he said, “and we all play a part of that journey.”

Patterson made an active call on the DNN Community to give back:

“When I first started getting involved with the community, and just seeing how people were really passionate about DNN — and they were including me. When people let me be a part of a passion project, when they include me and empower me and, even better yet, when it’s free source-code that you can download — I don’t know about you, but it really motivates me to give back. Don’t you guys feel motivated to give back simply by the awesomeness that you freely receive?”
(DNNCon 2016 Keynote: 13:33)

It’s a great call to action, and one we want to be a part of.


Sponsor DNN Summit and we will give you a free development server

We want to give back to the DNN community. We want to promote DNN Summit as best we can. We are a part of this community, too, and we want to give back in a measurable way. That’s why we’ve worked with the DNN Summit Committee to put together an enticing addition to sponsoring the event.

If you sponsor DNN Summit at the $299 or more level, we will provide you with a free development server. It’s our way of giving back to the DNN Community.

Here’s how that program works:



We’ve tried to keep the program as simple as possible, and we went through it in detail in our article announcing the program: Sponsor DNN Summit and we will give you a free development server — you’re welcome.

If you would like more information about the program, that article is a good place to start. If you’d like to jump right into giving back to the DNN Community and sponsoring DNN Summit, well, first of all, thank you! And second, head right over to the DNN Summit sponsorship page to get involved.




Stop talking and tell me how I get my free dev server

Want us to quit rambling so you can get started with sponsoring DNN Summit and get your free development server spun up? Fair enough.

Just go to the DNN Summit sponsorship page and choose to sponsor the event at any level, with a minimum sponsorship package of $299 — the “Supporting Sponsor” level.

Fill out the sponsorship details in the form below on that page, and when you get to the “Additional Details” section, let them know that you would like to take part in the Free Development Server Program from

You can even just drop in this text if you want:

I’m excited to sponsor DNN Summit, and I would also like to take advantage of the Free Development Server Program from

The DNN Summit organizers will pass your information on to us, and one of our Senior Technology Consultants will contact you in the next couple of business days to get your free development server lined up.

It’s that simple.


Stay connected

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