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From Blog Building to CMS King, the Pros and Cons of WordPress

Initially, WordPress was developed to build blogs, but today it is the most popular content management system in the world for websites. As with everything, WordPress does have its ups and downs, but there are reasons that WordPress is one of the top content management systems in the world.


Open Source Platform

The old mentality that you need to be able to write code to create a website is thrown out the window thanks to open source material. Basically what this means is that programmers openly share their code online, meaning you do not have to develop or write any code on your own saving you time and money.

Easy to Use

This also plays into the notion that you do not need to be a programmer to create or operate a WordPress site. WordPress has a very intuitive design, is simple to use, and it is written in plain language. If you can surf the internet, you can use WordPress.

Ready to go

Another advantage of WordPress is that it can be easily and quickly installed onto a hosting server. You can start working on your site in a relatively short amount of time after you get your web hosting set up.

It will get you noticed

What good is a new, beautiful website if no one finds it? Because WordPress is open source, there are plenty of SEO plugins you can install to hopefully achieve better SEO results. (Note: Google and other search engines are moving away from traditional SEO and towards algorithms that put an emphasis on content and user experience)


If you are looking to build a basic site for your small business, WordPress is definitely the way to go. The only real costs you would face would be your domain name and web hosting. Certain themes, templates, and plugins can be purchased for your site, but building a basic website is free to develop. In the end you can have a sharp, modern website for a relatively low cost.


I can tell your site is WordPress 80% of the time

Unless you hire a WordPress developer, you may be using some of the same themes and templates as other websites out there, even if you pay for a premium template. If you are not paying to get a custom template built, then you may have a hard time standing out from other WordPress sites.

Plugins don’t always play well together

Since WordPress is open source, you are most likely dragging and dropping plugins into your site for certain features. The problem with this is that since the plugins were not developed by the same people, some of them do not play well with others. Without a WordPress developer working your site, you can slow down or crash your site when these different plugins try to run at the same time. If you need help finding a WordPress developer, Developer Match is here to help. 

You can be slowed down

Because you’re not using custom code, there may be some redundant pieces of code on your site. This can cause your site to run more slowly than it should. Remember that Google takes loading speed into account for SEO.


As the largest CMS in the world, WordPress sites are often targeted by hackers. To keep your site up, running, and healthy, keeping security protocols, patches, and methodologies up to date is vital. Finding a partner that will manage this for you, or the proper module set is critical.


While there are many pros and cons to using WordPress, it is especially useful to small businesses who do not have the dollars to allocate towards web development. On the other hand, if you are able to hire a web developer or programmer who is experienced in building a WordPress site and coding their own plugins, WordPress is a totally viable option for medium and large companies looking to revamp their online image.



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