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How to Make Your WordPress Website Secure

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform out there, and as such is targeted by hackers every day. Keeping your site secure is crucial to maintain your reputation and your customer’s trust, so we put together a few tips on how to keep your WordPress Site safe and secure.

Change the Default Username

If your username is ‘admin’, change it. Avoiding any common usernames such as admin will stop hackers from trying to brute-force their way into your website. Once they know the username all they have to do is figure out the password.

Limit Login Attempts

With a brute-force style attack, a hacker can run through hundreds of password attempts once they figure out a username such as ‘admin’. Limit the number of unsuccessful attempts to login to prevent these types of attacks. This is nothing new as many of our phones have this feature. Once the number of attempts has been exceeded, whoever is attempting to log in will be locked out for a certain period of time.

Add security questions

The beauty of WordPress is all of the plugins available to you. Some plugins will allow you to put a security question along with the username and password login page. This will further protect you from brute-force attacks.

Update WordPress and your plugins

One of the best ways to keep your site secure is to just install updates when they are available. WordPress is regularly maintained and updated with the latest security protocols. Not only are these updates crucial for the security of the site, but they also maintain stability by making sure all of the core software and plugins are up to date.

Apart from having a good password, there are a lot of other options to keep your WordPress site safe and secure, and your customers happy.



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