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The Drupal Association: the organization’s growth, financials, direction, and future

Drupal Association shows positive growth in 2013 audited financials, focusing on launch of Drupal 8 in 2014


The Drupal Association recently posted the results of its 2013 audited financials. While that may sound boring at first glance, the results are nothing but good news for the Drupal community.

The Drupal Association’s entire purpose is to help support and promote Drupal and the community. If you have any affiliation whatsoever with Drupal (designer, developer, programmer, module maker — you name it), you have directly benefitted from the work that the Drupal Association does for the community.


What do they actually do for me?

druplicon.large_The Drupal Association hosts and maintains “so the global community can work together,” their website states. The group promotes Drupal, works on helping Drupal-based businesses to grow, leads the charge with Drupal education programs like Global Training Days, provides Drupal sponsorships and project donations, protects the Drupal project through legal work and advocacy, and even produces global DrupalCon events.

According to the group's website, “Funds to support these programs, and the Association staff, come from memberships, supporting partners, sponsorships, donations, and DrupalCon events.”

If you work with Drupal, the Drupal Association has been — and continues to be — there for you. What’s more, the organization makes a point to share its inner-workings with Drupalers.


Why do I care about their financials?

Drupal Association - Statement of ActivitiesAnd now, in a fully transparent release of its 2013 audited financials, you can directly see how the association is spending the community’s money, where the money is going, and how well they are doing at handling their finances.

The short answer: the audit shows they are doing very well.

Diving into the details of the complete audit report, you can see that the total support and net revenue for 2013 was $4,349,417, up from $3,401,104 in the year ending 2012. Expenses, however, have also gone up, which is only natural. Expenses in 2012 were $2,898,320, and jumped to $3,706,956 in 2013.

Perhaps most importantly, the audit shows that the Drupal Association ended 2013 with a change in unrestricted net assets of +$642,461. This puts the association in an excellent position to further grow the Drupal community. And with the recent success of DrupalCon Austin, it’s safe to say that the Drupal Association has been putting that money to work.

DrupalCon Austin was the largest gathering of Drupalers and Drupal professionals yet. With more than 3,300 people in attendance, the Drupal Association had their work cut out for them to organize a successful event.

(Editor’s Note: If you didn’t get a chance to attend DrupalCon Austin this past week, the entire keynote presentation has been made available online. You can watch the complete DrupalCon Austin 2014 Keynote by Dries Buytaert or click the slide below.)

State of Drupal - Austin DrupalCon - Slide Capture 2-wide 

Direction for the Future

At its November 2013 board meeting, where its 2014 leadership plan and budget were approved, the Drupal Association outlined its focus for 2014.

“Our two imperatives for 2014 will be and the Drupal 8 launch,” a report on the minutes of that meeting stated.

drupal-gtd-240The Drupal Association has also stated that they will be making a “significant investment in staff, help from consultants, and hardware.” Early estimates for those goals have but the expense around $750,000. This includes budgeted items to expand their Drupal tech team.

And following the success of DrupalCon Austin, the association’s events team is already focusing their attention on DrupalCon Amsterdam 2014, which is planned for the week of Monday through Friday, September 29 to October 3.

Drupal 8 Logo - trans bgThe upcoming Amsterdam DrupalCon is an excellent fit, and a great strategic move by the Drupal Association events team. Technology, development shops, and digital agencies are growing in the European Union. And Amsterdam has positioned itself as the place to be for any technology company who wants to provide solid service in the central European region.

The group is also working on organizing a mid-week Drupal event in South America. DrupalCon Latin America is scheduled for a Tuesday through Thursday, February 10 to 12, and will be in Bogotá, Colombia.

Then, the next full-scale DrupalCon in North America will be in Las Angeles in the Spring of 2015. With the success of DrupalCon Austin, the upcoming DrupalCon Las Angeles is primed to increase those record attendance numbers even more. If you live on the West Coast or anywhere near Silicon Valley, this is great news for you. (You can watch the DrupalCon Los Angeles 2015 announcement video here.)


All of the Numbers

PQ - Managed - Drupal Association 1The Drupal Association is dedicated to the platform, and its entire team should be congratulated, both for the hard work they are doing, as well as being completely open about their financial information.

As part of its commitment both to the Drupal community and to transparency, the Drupal Association has made the results of its 2013 audit open to the public. If you would like to take a look at the specifics of the audited financials for the Drupal Association, you can jump into the details here.

Audit Communication Letter
Management Letter
Financial Statements (All the numbers!)

The executive summary and announcement of the 2013 audit can be read here. If you would like more information about the Drupal Association, you can visit their resource page, read minutes of their monthly meetings, and find information about attending an open community meeting, or join an IRC conversation on their Materials Page.

If you would like information on joining the Drupal Association, or are interested in making a donation to further help the Drupal community, you can visit their main page here, and you can follow the organization on twitter @DrupalAssoc.

Remember, the Drupal Association exists for you, the Drupal community. Follow along, get involved, and give back to the community that works for you.



Drupal is a free and open-source CMS framework distributed under the GNU General Public License. Drupal is a registered trademark of Dries Buytaert.
The Drupal Association exists to support and promote the Drupal Project, and the Drupal Community.
McDonald Jacobs is an accounting and financial consulting firm based in Portland. They performed the Drupal Association’s audit for financials ending Dec. 31, 2013. The company is represented on Twitter @McDonaldJacobs.
DrupalCon Austin, DrupalCon Amsterdam, DrupalCon Latin America, DrupalCon Las Angeles, and all associated logos are copyrighted trademarks of the Drupal Association.



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