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Have you talked to support lately?

Our new support process has improved our customer experience across the board

PQ - Enterprise SupportWhen I first started, I built our reputation by providing great technology with unmatched support. Our customers love knowing that they can call or email any time and they’ll be talking to experts who will solve their problems.

A number of months ago, Kenn Dillard (our director of customer care) and I sat down and started thinking. We already had one of the highest satisfaction scores in the tech industry, but we wanted to push ourselves further. How could we make our support even better? More personal? More effective?

We did our research. We crunched numbers, analyzed data, and poured over our existing processes. After weeks of analysis we had a plan and we quietly began a soft rollout of our new processes.

Customers noticed the change right away and loved it!


Customer Response 6

Customer Response 1

Customer Response 2

Customer Response 3

Customer Response 5

So what are we doing different?

  • We refined our process so that tickets are transferred between less people ... most of the time, one engineer will see each issue through from start to finish.
  • The data showed that sometimes email is just not the best way to troubleshoot. Our agents have been empowered to reach out to customers on the phone more often and at important inflection points in the process.
  • We have always used real-time feedback for our satisfaction scoring but now that input is delivered to the entire management team and the servicing engineer instantly. This feedback loop is a vital, personalizing component that can be achieved no other way.
  • We have developed specific customer satisfaction training to augment our existing technical education for the entire support team.
  • We revised our definition of success to more than just speed. Fast support is important and valuable, but high quality responses with personal interactions and fewer emails are important, too.


We’ve been doing this for a while now, and have been able to roll the new process out to all of our customers. It doesn’t matter whether you’re on DNN, WordPress, ElcomCMS, Drupal, or one of our custom products, if you haven’t talked to our support team recently, you will notice an even faster, more personable experience the next time you do.


Tony_V - CroppedSincerely,

—Tony Valenti
Founder and CEO of Logo - Black Text






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