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Why we chose Amsterdam for our newest datacenter - Amsterdam Datacenter - Series of Tubes

Amsterdam’s rich history provides the perfect path for a promising technology future

Customer demand in Europe for fully managed infrastructures has been growing steadily. We knew we needed to grow, but where? Now open, the cloud architecture in Amsterdam is secured in Telecity’s most powerful commercial datacenter.

With our corporate headquarters located in Omaha, Nebraska, has long been a leading force in the growth of the Silicon Prairie, the quickly expanding technology corridor in the heart of the Midwest. Our Omaha-based Tier IV datacenters offer peak performance, hardened security, and connectivity; so we have deliberately expanded our global network with care and precision.

We’ve approached each successive datacenter in our global expansion with the same amount of care as our Omaha headquarters. In addition to our multiple datacenters in the Omaha-Metro region, our expanded global network presence includes datacenters in: Manchester, United Kingdom; Brisbane, Australia; and now Amsterdam, the Netherlands.


A rich history of trade and commerce


Amsterdam datacenter The Amsterdam datacenter.


It may seem odd to talk about the 12th century when discussing modern technology expansion, but it is the history of Amsterdam that has had such an influence on its present, and continues to impact its future.

Amsterdam is steeped in a rich trading history. From its very beginnings in the 12th century, the growing town developed a name for trade and was formally awarded its first charter in 1300.

The city quickly gained commerce from the eastern Baltic region. Shipyards and workshops followed, the exchange of goods and ideas flowed, and Amsterdam’s position as a center for trade grew.

In the 16th and 17th centuries, artists even depicted Amsterdam as the center of world trade — arguably a well-deserved title.

Whenever a city-state experiences an influx of people from around the world, for a long period of time, such as Amsterdam did (or New York, London, etc.), there is a natural growth in the exchange of thought and ideas between these people, as well.

Products from around the world were brought to Amsterdam. The warehouses stored everything, and sent the goods back out into the world. Amsterdam became a central hub for the management and exchange of the world’s goods.

And now Amsterdam is doing the same thing with technology infrastructure.


Center of trade to center of technology

PQ - Series of Tubes Amsterdam

Amsterdam has cultivated everything it has learned as a global trading powerhouse to position itself as a dominant leader in the internet age.

The deep history the country has in maintaining its neutral stance toward trade has had a huge impact on the area’s growth as the world has become increasingly connected through technology.

Throughout history supply and demand of goods rise and fall, trade routes shift, and important ports of trade can become obsolete. However, credit must be placed on Amsterdam for eagerly transitioning into the digital age. The city’s early adoption of key network technologies has played a huge role in developing both the city, and the nation, as a powerhouse in the exchange of virtual goods and services in the digital age.

Not only that, but Amsterdam’s early foresight in predicting the importance of the Internet Era has been a boon to the region. As the internet’s core network was expanding, Amsterdam helped to found the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (or, AMS-IX) in 1994, one of the earliest network hubs of the Internet as a whole.

In short, the majority of the Internet backbone cables that traverse Europe all connect in Amsterdam. Today, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange has grown to become the second largest internet exchange point in the world, as measured by throughput peak data rates. The AMS-IX system handles traffic in excess of 3,374 gigabits per second* — and that’s not counting massive seasonal or holiday spikes. That’s just an average day of traffic that flows through the Amsterdam Internet Exchange.

If the internet really is a series of tubes, then Amsterdam sits on the center of one of the largest “tube stations” in the world.


Throughput peak data rates of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange

Amsterdam - Aggregated traffic for 2014


Answering our customers demands

Increasingly, the European community has been a hotbed for technology growth and innovation. Tech startups are prospering, established businesses are expanding their presence — all lured, in part, by the incredible connections boasted by the Amsterdam Internet Exchange and all of the relevant and ancillary businesses that have popped up as a result of the AMS-IX. In fact, the world’s top three Internet Exchanges are based in Europe.


Amsterdam - Rack - Fully cabled back image One of our cloud clusters in the Amsterdam Datacenter.


For us, expanding our presence into Europe was an obvious fit. More to the point, our customers needed us to be there. Every day there are more new companies based in Europe, gaining European customers, or are expanding into Europe — and these companies need a global CDN partner capable of producing the speed and reliability they require.

Our customers had repeatedly asked us to expand our global datacenter presence with a location in mainland Europe. After extensive research by our team and infrastructure experts, we found the perfect solution in our Amsterdam presence.

The city’s rich history, open encouragement of new technology, and incredibly powerful connectivity all combined to be a very attractive option. We sent an away team to our new Amsterdam facility led by our Director of Engineering Patrick Sutton to ensure our newest cloud offering was up to our high standards.

Patrick has his background in supercomputer network architecture, and under his guidance we have built-out an impressive cloud in our new Amsterdam datacenter.

We’re proud to be a part of the growing technology revolution in Europe. And with our Amsterdam datacenter we’re able to provide incredible point-of-presence connections to our customers, to Europe, and to our global business partners.


*rate grabbed on Jan 2, 2015



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